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Request a quote for the Bombardier Challenger 300 aircraft part numbers you need here, such as 8GH409570-28, 1005339023-029, R30001T04, 810-0001-110, 623VB21AB002Y00, and other highly requested components. At Civil Aviation 360, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, quality is the foundation of our operations. As such, we source new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find parts from carefully vetted manufacturers like Bombardier. We also subject countless items to routine inspection and quality assurance testing before shipping, and all items are shipped to our customers alongside manufacturer trace documentation and qualifying certifications, as applicable.

We encourage you to browse our continually expanding inventory at your convenience. Whether you are interested in a Lamp Halogen, Panel, Union, Fsa5000 Server Software, Switch Pba,  or another part type, simply submit a Request for Quote form on any items of interest to initiate the purchasing process. Our team of market experts will promptly tailor a personalized quote for your comparisons, typically within 15 minutes or less. For further information, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7x365.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
8GH409570-28 Lamp Halogen Avl RFQ
1005339023-029 Panel Avl RFQ
R30001T04 Union Avl RFQ
810-0001-110 Fsa5000 Server Software Avl RFQ
623VB21AB002Y00 Switch Pba Avl RFQ
PFBB1-6101-079 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS42DD6B58A Aluminium Rivet Spacer Avl RFQ
MS9388-153 Packing O Ring Hyd Fuel Oil Gland Avl RFQ
1002720105-003 Lever Lh Yaw Damper Avl RFQ
1009109708-001 Harness Avl RFQ
1002720029-001 Link Spring Rudder Limiter Avl RFQ
PFBB1-6101-175 Blanket Avl RFQ
PFBBL4101-105 Blanket Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-657 Blanket Avl RFQ
13B285-06-6U Structure Foward Avl RFQ
NAS1870CL3-5 Nut Avl RFQ
1005324004-001 Glareshield Instl Structure Avl RFQ
1005533307-001 Support Avl RFQ
M85052-2-5 Clamp Loop Avl RFQ
3033050-1 Arm Variable Vane Igv Avl RFQ
NAS428HK4A14 Adjustment Bolt Drilled Head Avl RFQ
1214-201-005 Insulation Leading Edge Shroud Avl RFQ
1005724450-001 Fitting Avl RFQ
1002720067-001 Crank Arm Rudder Quadrant Avl RFQ
1005761015-021 Hinge Fitting Avl RFQ
MS21299-3K Washer Plain Avl RFQ
1005340152-115 Strip Filler Avl RFQ
PFBB1-6201-061 Blanket Top Cover Avl RFQ
1005751420-009 Beam Avl RFQ
1005452501-009 Wedge Trailing Edge Pylon Lh Avl RFQ
12702A050000 Line Apu Avl RFQ
B0302159-080804 Tee Avl RFQ
ABS2013-1A Battery Pack Nicad Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-823 Blanket Avl RFQ
7593395-001 Hyd Filter Element Avl RFQ
1005329901-017 Panel Avl RFQ
3038111-1 Ignition Lead Avl RFQ
9899B020000 Duct Cockpit Feed Avl RFQ
102ER1EC Temperature Sensor Avl RFQ
GC066423Y00 Cover Avl RFQ
1005347323-001 Clamp Avl RFQ
AN970-3 Large Area Steel Washer Avl RFQ
D38999-26KA35SA Connector Plug Avl RFQ
277275 Clamp Dual Loop Avl RFQ
1009109502-005 Harness Avl RFQ
S9413-554 Packing O Ring Fuel Avl RFQ
1005354261-003 Tube Avl RFQ
B0313050D5 Adaptor Straight Avl RFQ
MS27380-3 Lanyard Filler Cap Plastic Avl RFQ
1005250006-001 Mesh Instl Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1005-051 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005346597-001 Mesh Avl RFQ
1005708001-005 Electric System Instl Lh Avl RFQ
9026A0046-01 Filter Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2101-299 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005351164-001 Frame Lower Avl RFQ
CTVP00RW23-54P Connector Avl RFQ
935-63-11-044 Screw Avl RFQ
1002770017-005 Connector Element Avl RFQ
1005781225-002 Seal Avl RFQ
1005731001-002 Winglet Instl Rh Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2103-105 Cover Top Avl RFQ
1005781101-006 Fitting Avl RFQ
1005210054-001 Control Rod Doorlift Avl RFQ
JNUJ080UF Washer Spring Avl RFQ
1005741119-001 Angle Shroud Access Door No 3 Avl RFQ
MS35206-204 Steel Cross Pan Head Screw Coarse Avl RFQ
1005349046-001 Bracket Avl RFQ
1005353119-001 Bracket Pulley Avl RFQ
687-9725-004 Shim Roll Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-269 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005354168-001 Tube Avl RFQ
1005210427-001 Screw Stop Pax Door Avl RFQ
NAS75-3-006 Bushing Avl RFQ
40116-1 Cap End Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-659 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-45 Aluminium Bolt Spacer Avl RFQ
1005714042-003 Fitting Avl RFQ
1005726158-001 Tube Lh Avl RFQ
1005771041-003 Bushing Eccentric Spoiler Avl RFQ
MS27484T14B35S Plug Connector Straight Avl RFQ
AN520-10R5 Steel Pan Head Screw Fine Avl RFQ
1005345214-001 Tube Avl RFQ
NAS6304U18D S Steel Hex Head Bolt Driled Shank Avl RFQ
NAS1801-3-26 Steel Hex Cross Head Screw Avl RFQ
NAS1149C0832R S Steel Washer 032 Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1001-019 Blanket Avl RFQ
938-77-11-116 Washer Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2301-213 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005532301-001 Former Avl RFQ
940-17-02-256 Pin Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-4 Aluminium Bolt Spacer Avl RFQ
1005381605-007 Door Bond Outflow Valve Avl RFQ
NAS517-4-16 Steel Csk Cross Head Cad Screw Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-48 Aluminium Bolt Spacer Avl RFQ
NAS1149D0332P Aluminium Washer 032 Avl RFQ
1005751820-001 Fairing Avl RFQ
1005728026-002 Fitting Avl RFQ
B0302126-06W Elbow Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1007-035 Blanket Avl RFQ
B0301011-12 Elbow 90 Deg Permaswage Avl RFQ
1005706510-013 Clamp Block Avl RFQ
K1000070163-101 Duct Clamp Block Upper Avl RFQ
AN960-516 Steel Washer Avl RFQ
1005721031-002 Rib Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1005-023 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005351196-009 Frame Side Upper Avl RFQ
1005340142-001 Bulkhead Avl RFQ
MS27484T8F35P Plug Connector Straight Avl RFQ
LE075E11SS Spring Avl RFQ
AE713798-20 Hose Avl RFQ
AN960JD4L Aluminium Washer Anodised Light Avl RFQ
866-0232-010 Svc3000 Synthetic Vision Computer Avl RFQ
K1005348008-001 Kit Pulse Landing Light Avl RFQ
NAS1611-243 Packing O Ring Hyd Gland Avl RFQ
AN960PD916L Aluminium Washer Anodised Light Avl RFQ
1005342814-002 Support Angle Sub Avl RFQ
MS9245-70 Cotter Pin Avl RFQ
M83248-1-905 Packing O Ring Hyd Fuel Boss Avl RFQ
9782B030000 Duct Rigid Tee Avl RFQ
1005210121-001 Stop External Handle Avl RFQ
1005346587-003 Tube Avl RFQ
NAS7503-7 Bolt Csk Hd Avl RFQ
1005329011-001 Tube Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1003-123 Blanket Avl RFQ
PFBB1-1007-175 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS1580V4T23 Screw Avl RFQ
B0307041-4SB012 Bearing Sleeve Plain Self Lub Avl RFQ
1005540701-003 Door Hinge No 1 Rudder Avl RFQ
805525-01 Plug Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-255 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005771023-022 Fittng Avl RFQ
M83413-8H007CD Jumper Cable Avl RFQ
K1000070183-001 Kit Elevator Fitting Lh Avl RFQ
1005751227-004 Closure Panel No 2 Trailing Edge Avl RFQ
MS21209F1-20P Helicoil Insert Fine Cad Avl RFQ
1005360002-001 Embellisher Avl RFQ
AS1007J0404 Union Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-42FC Aluminium Bolt Spacer Blue Avl RFQ
MS25083-2BC5 Copper Tinned Bonding Lead Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-1145 Blanket Avl RFQ
BBDREF002163517 Pad Avl RFQ
K1000070240-011 Tube Flexible Avl RFQ
3038421-6 Bracket Avl RFQ
803272-05 Bracket Assembly Band Clamp Avl RFQ
NAS43DD3-40 Aluminium Bolt Spacer Avl RFQ
1005381600-007 Door Avl RFQ
9GR089594-00 Ring Rubber Avl RFQ
K1005324018-001 Kit Radar Multiscan Wx Rta4114 Avl RFQ
1005320062-001 System Instl Flight Control Avl RFQ
1005751810-002 Fairing Fwd Inbd Fairing Rh Avl RFQ
1009109101-019 Harness Avl RFQ
992-3477-004 Bracket Grounding Avl RFQ
MS21209C0615 Helicoil Insert Coarse Avl RFQ
1005751227-003 Closure Panel No 2 Trailing Edge Avl RFQ
1002730007-001 Stop Lh Avl RFQ
935-63-11-024 Screw Avl RFQ
1005771026-014 Fittng Avl RFQ
H41-06 S Steel Locknut Ring Base Avl RFQ
466090 Cabin Fire Extinguisher Avl RFQ
270-2689-090 Panel Audio Control Acp 4100 Avl RFQ
NAS620-4L Steel Flat Narrow Washer Thin Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-749 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS1149CN416R S Steel Washer 016 Avl RFQ
1005540511-001 Doubler Fitting No 1 Upper Avl RFQ
1005336308-007 Fitting Avl RFQ
K1004620016-001 Kit Wiring Xm Weather System Avl RFQ
D38999-26FE26PN Connector Plug Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-1033 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS72-5E004 Bushing Avl RFQ
M39012-05-0101 Connector Avl RFQ
38057F23-4-0120 Hose Avl RFQ
PFBB1-6301-029 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS1297-3D8 Hex Head Shoulder Bolt Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-975 Blanket Avl RFQ
1005741350-024 Shroud Insulation L E Rh Avl RFQ
C0PLT1M-M Collar Avl RFQ
1005354250-003 Tube Avl RFQ
NAS1581F3R5 Steel C Sk Reduced Head Bolt Avl RFQ
1009109202-019 Wire Harness Avl RFQ
35101-16 Connector Bulkhead Pressure Tight Avl RFQ
1009109653-001 Harness Avl RFQ
1005751086-008 Fairing Avl RFQ
1005210030-009 Handle External Avl RFQ
1005354101-001 Reservoir Instl Lh Avl RFQ
1005533111-005 Bracket Avl RFQ
9795B030000 Riser Upper Avl RFQ
MS27642-33G Sealed Bearing Avl RFQ
AE60620E Fitting Banjo Avl RFQ
NAS6203-12 Steel Hex Head Bolt Avl RFQ
1005345346-005 Tube Avl RFQ
1005726271-003 Tube Rh Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-805 Blanket Avl RFQ
NAS6203-14 Steel Hex Head Bolt Avl RFQ
1005751366-003 Bushing Flange Carriage Avl RFQ
1005761171-037 Ballast Aileron Avl RFQ
1009109502 Harness Report Avl RFQ
AS4134J060606 Tee Avl RFQ
PFBB1-2201-561 Blanket Avl RFQ
1009109928-001 Harness Avl RFQ

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