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Request a quote for the Embraer ERJ135BJ-Legacy 600-650 aircraft part numbers you need here, such as AS5178D04, 120-24881-001, 136-01855-402, 135-27265-403, 136-02107-401, and other highly requested components. At Civil Aviation 360, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, quality is the foundation of our operations. As such, we source new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find parts from carefully vetted manufacturers like Embraer. We also subject countless items to routine inspection and quality assurance testing before shipping, and all items are shipped to our customers alongside manufacturer trace documentation and qualifying certifications, as applicable.

We encourage you to browse our continually expanding inventory at your convenience. Whether you are interested in a Aluminium B H Nut, Cover Assembly, Panelsideledge Divan Surround, Tube Assembly, Support Entertainment,  or another part type, simply submit a Request for Quote form on any items of interest to initiate the purchasing process. Our team of market experts will promptly tailor a personalized quote for your comparisons, typically within 15 minutes or less. For further information, feel free to contact us via phone or email. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7x365.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
AS5178D04 Aluminium B H Nut Avl RFQ
120-24881-001 Cover Assembly Avl RFQ
136-01855-402 Panelsideledge Divan Surround Avl RFQ
135-27265-403 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
136-02107-401 Support Entertainment Avl RFQ
135-22651-499 Cabinet Assembly Avl RFQ
S9413-555 Packing O Ring Fuel Avl RFQ
135-23349-437 Forward Closet Assembly Avl RFQ
135-33313-401 Tube Assemblyvent Line Avl RFQ
MS21251B5L Brass Turnbuckle Barrel Long Avl RFQ
135-27411-001 Tube Assemblyshroud Drainal Avl RFQ
3DQF1101004BZAU Seat Mid Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
145-70211-404 Tube Avl RFQ
135-15317-001 Bracket Avl RFQ
135-15661-450 Dado Panel Assembly Avl RFQ
946-29-94-104 Nut Avl RFQ
NAS1291-5 Steel Locknut Ring Base Avl RFQ
145-21922-023 Shimadjustable Avl RFQ
145-47722-901 Gasket Avl RFQ
135-24551-415 Fwd Crew Lavatory Harness Assembly Avl RFQ
135-27446-011 Carpet Decor Cover Avl RFQ
135-33644-001 Fittingfuel Sysal Avl RFQ
135-28814-025 Carpet Decor Cabin Pax Rh Avl RFQ
145-69647-403 Bracket Assembly Avl RFQ
D10021AD06 Elbow Avl RFQ
136-00453-915 Ashtray Avl RFQ
135-07380-401 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
990L7030-186 Holdercup Avl RFQ
011L9194-283 Bezel Control Paneldivanal Avl RFQ
145-70162-401 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
NAS6404A8 Bolt Hexagon Head Avl RFQ
RSE112117 Socket For Relay 3 Pole 25a Avl RFQ
136-00457-967 Latch Assembly Avl RFQ
135-27089-007 Carpet Decor Cover Avl RFQ
MS27648-16G Sealed Bearing Avl RFQ
145-69615-405 Stick Assembly Avl RFQ
145-77826-001 Bush Avl RFQ
MS9556-12 S Steel 12 Point Bolt Avl RFQ
135-28286-407 Toilet Structure Assembly Avl RFQ
120-44540-503 Eyelet Assembly Avl RFQ
145-51112-407 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
135-12999-001 Bracket Avl RFQ
135-23615-403 Cover Upper Assembly Avl RFQ
PE27019RI12 Clamp Avl RFQ
145-52664-601 Adf Antenna Gasket Kit Avl RFQ
135-26206-003 Carpet Decor Cabin Pax Avl RFQ
135-24910-001 L Shape Entertainment Cabinet Avl RFQ
3AQF1103015BZBQ Seat Single Stratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
72336-1D615 Knobfaucet Cres Avl RFQ
135-19145-401 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
136-06051-401 Sideledge Instl Avl RFQ
135-23348-449 Closet Assembly Avl RFQ
135-21930-402 Support Assembly Protection Int Avl RFQ
135-22888-423 Closet Assembly Forward Avl RFQ
3AQF1203003BZAP Seat Assembly Doublestratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
145-29383-415 Tube Avl RFQ
3AQF1203003BZBA Seat Assembly Doublestratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
136-05503-401 Panelaccessaft Closet Avl RFQ
NAS427K14 Spring Pin Avl RFQ
135-10492-009 Cover Avl RFQ
M85049-39-15N Strain Relief90 Degree Avl RFQ
E6786303 Washer Avl RFQ
MS24694S6 Steel Csk Phillips Screw Cad Avl RFQ
145-33601-437 Tube Avl RFQ
AIH3628V150WPS Lamp Sealed Beam Par36 Avl RFQ
7824-1 Inverter Assembly Avl RFQ
135-24217-407 Strap Assembly Avl RFQ
DCM17W5SA197 Connectorelectrical Avl RFQ
135-28363-913 Hook Avl RFQ
145-25183-001 Bushing Avl RFQ
123-15657-001 Base Avl RFQ
136-00446-919 Pinthreaded Avl RFQ
136-01142-401 Support Fairing Avl RFQ
3AQF1103209EMAN Seat Single Stratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
136-00087-463 Auxiliary Countertop Assembly Avl RFQ
140-03802-503 Blanket Assembly Avl RFQ
MS51958-67 S Steel Cross Head Pan Screw Fine Avl RFQ
145-28180-551 Blanket Assembly Avl RFQ
135-03397-002 Plate Avl RFQ
120-50447-001 Spring Avl RFQ
M83723-71R1831N Connector Electrical Receptacle Avl RFQ
32632-1 Washer Latch Assembly Nylon Avl RFQ
145-77003-404 Panelapron Assembly Avl RFQ
3DQF1101018BZBZ Seat Aft Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
145-51219-401 Strake Assembly Avl RFQ
145-29133-001 Label Avl RFQ
135-19647-401 Blanket Assembly Avl RFQ
NAS1587-4L Washer Avl RFQ
73839-1D593 Screwflat Head Avl RFQ
3DQF1101018BZCP Seat Aft Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
145-31662-001 Support Avl RFQ
3DQF1101002BZAY Seat Fwd Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
73848-3D613 Face Platelavatory Side Avl RFQ
136-00286-401 Electric Assembly Galley Avl RFQ
135-05182-407 Duct Assembly Avl RFQ
135-22702-433 Galley Eletrical Assembly Avl RFQ
145-21459-407 Panelilluminated Assembly Avl RFQ
DMNI50-4-2 Antenna Avl RFQ
120-61765-001 Bracket Assembly Avl RFQ
2118-0100-009 Actuator Assembly Avl RFQ
135-17360-401 Cableelectrical Assembly Avl RFQ
C211AB1106CC Connector Adapter Avl RFQ
136-00464-967 Latch Assembly Avl RFQ
925940-5158-0 Software Avl RFQ
145-33601-411 Tube Avl RFQ
E3725881 Nut Specificationial Avl RFQ
2021NEKD Ashtray Avl RFQ
4504761 Spacer Avl RFQ
145-69688-001 Gasket Avl RFQ
135-10609-043 Panel Avl RFQ
135-65150-401 Tubepiccolo Assembly Avl RFQ
136-01011-424 Galley Rail Avl RFQ
135-13279-001 Knob Avl RFQ
3AQF1103012BZCM Seat Single Stratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
120-37394-502 Raceslide Rh Avl RFQ
NAS603-4 Steel Pan Head Philips Screw Avl RFQ
GE6839 Filament Avl RFQ
990-9101-078 Panelcontrol Assembly Avl RFQ
136-00272-403 Curtainrh Assembly Avl RFQ
135-28208-417 Galley Electrical Assembly Avl RFQ
145-26753-401 Ribleading Edge Vertical Tail Avl RFQ
E3326210 Actuatorelectromechanical Assembly Avl RFQ
NAS220-20 Steel Pan Cross Head Screw Gold Avl RFQ
145-69571-405 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
145-41231-001 Shimadjustable Avl RFQ
136-00459-915 Latch Assembly Avl RFQ
80-0694-2-8 Unit Alarm Avl RFQ
3DQF1101002BZAE Seat Fwd Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
135-26938-027 Carpet Decor Cabin Avl RFQ
135-26551-901 Configuration File Im600 Avl RFQ
H3318-11 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
145-29800-401 Regulator Pneumatic Avl RFQ
136-00424-905 Screw 100 Deg Csk Cross Head Avl RFQ
135-22487-013 Support L Avl RFQ
135-23023-427 Strap Assemblyconference Table Avl RFQ
145-34128-401 Harness Avl RFQ
D38999-23YD35PN Connector Avl RFQ
3DQF1101002BZBM Seat Fwd Divan Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
145-70157-401 Tube Avl RFQ
135-22191-433 Divan End Cabinet Instl Avl RFQ
145-23470-401 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
130-0045-01 Flame Arrestor Avl RFQ
135-28103-401 Flange Assembly Avl RFQ
73851-2D594 Handlecabin Sidelatch Assemblyallumi Avl RFQ
135-21902-407 Credenza Structure Assembly Avl RFQ
363300-1025 Actuator Flapinboardroot Fsa1 Avl RFQ
135-00816-413 Cable Assembly Avl RFQ
135-20899-401 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
NAS427K34 Spring Pin Avl RFQ
8295-18 Panelsign Assembly Avl RFQ
135-28041-403 Divan End Cabinet Instl Avl RFQ
145-76538-017 Packer Avl RFQ
136-05790-467 Bezel Bd Dvd Avl RFQ
135-16141-001 Bushing Flanged Avl RFQ
145-31937-005 Angle Avl RFQ
145-29246-001 Tube Avl RFQ
HTE391177-1 Channel Hold Open Device Avl RFQ
P30202 Retainerfastener Aluminum Avl RFQ
135-24144-001 Support Subwoofer Avl RFQ
135-05213-401 Tube Assemblypilot Line Avl RFQ
135-10719-405 Cabinet Assembly Avl RFQ
3AQF1203007BZCQ Seat Assembly Doublestratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
135-12267-401 Panel Assembly Avl RFQ
PE29051Z12 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
135-18944-419 Partition Assembly Avl RFQ
407FS016M2410G3 Backshellstraight Avl RFQ
135-04450-403 Stabilizer Assembly Avl RFQ
145-75151-001 Panelaccess Avl RFQ
145-21829-403 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
33021-1 Washer Nylon Avl RFQ
145-76133-001 Cover Avl RFQ
145-31613-401 Support Assembly Avl RFQ
136-00426-929 Screw Csk Cross Head Steel Avl RFQ
74267-1D823 Buttonlock Cres Avl RFQ
3AQF1103018BZAV Seat Single Stratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
MS21209F1-15L Helicoil Insert Fine Lube Avl RFQ
AN960JD8 Aluminium Washer Anodised Avl RFQ
A1-17-0031 Reflector Avl RFQ
136-01283-401 Sideledge Assembly Avl RFQ
71892-1D568 Knob Drain Rodfaucet Cres Avl RFQ
136-15031-903 Briefing Card Avl RFQ
135-28147-023 Carpet Decor Cabin Pax Lh Avl RFQ
135-15259-473 Bulkhead Assembly Avl RFQ
312-04168-001 Placard Avl RFQ
145-24052-001 Damper Avl RFQ
135-28969-401 Harness Assembly Avl RFQ
2309-2120-003 Washer Avl RFQ
MS27039-1-20 Pan Cross Head Screw Avl RFQ
PLGA3430020 Plug Avl RFQ
3DQF1101104EMBS Seat Mid Divan Avl RFQ
135-07384-401 Tubecapillary Assembly Avl RFQ
135-20909-401 Tube Assembly Avl RFQ
135-22810-409 Plenum Air Conditioning Fwd Rh Avl RFQ
135-02904-001 Bushing Avl RFQ
136-05310-401 Drawer Assembly Avl RFQ
AS106F102-1 Insert Sleeve Avl RFQ
3AQF1203202EMBH Seat Assembly Doublestratas Pax Cabin Avl RFQ
135-10495-405 Frame Assembly Avl RFQ
145-44842-407 Harness Avl RFQ
135-13121-001 Spacer Avl RFQ

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