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Civil Aviation 360 is a purchasing platform owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we are your source for top-quality business jet components from Honda Aircraft Company, such as part numbers HJ1-12760-200-011, HJ1-12820-103-003, HJ1-12810-501-001, HJ1-12810-372-001, 011-02213-10, and others. Our extensive inventory comprises new, used, hard-to-find, and obsolete parts sourced from a variety of premium manufacturers, ensuring that you can always find exactly what you need. Additionally, you can find a list of all the business jet models of Honda Aircraft Company that we offer parts for on this page, including , and others. As such, explore our catalog at your leisure, and request quotes on Lh Speed Brake Assembly, Boost Pump, Shutoff Valve, Fuel Float Valve, Yaw Servo, items, among others as you see fit.

To browse our current inventory of available business jet or corporate jet parts from Honda Aircraft Company, simply click on their name on any catalog and you will be directed to a detailed list of all their products. Begin the procurement process today by submitting a Request for Quote form, and you will receive a response from a team member within 15 minutes or less. Our team is available 24/7x365 to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.

List Aircraft Model of Honda Aircraft Company

Part No Description QTY RFQ
HJ1-12760-200-011 Lh Speed Brake Assembly Avl RFQ
HJ1-12820-103-003 Boost Pump Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-501-001 Shutoff Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-372-001 Fuel Float Valve Avl RFQ
011-02213-10 Yaw Servo Avl RFQ
011-00870-10 Magnetometer Avl RFQ
FX03400-2 Fire Extinguisher Avl RFQ
HJ1-12460-101-025 Left Power Disribution Unit Avl RFQ
ELT10-696-1 Antenna Avl RFQ
013-00245-00 Antenna Gps Waas Xm Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-106-007 Oxygen Panel Avl RFQ
84-023-02 Brake Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12151-410-007 Compressor Drive Module Assembly Avl RFQ
90006391 Nose Wheel Avl RFQ
1215-20 Inverter Avl RFQ
011-01793-00 Remote Audio Controller Avl RFQ
90006365 Hondajet Main Wheel Tyre Avl RFQ
HJ1-12711-801-015 Left Aileron Trim Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12151-310-007 Cabin Evaporator Assembly Avl RFQ
01-0790482-02 Tail Light Avl RFQ
HJ1-15540-000-017 Rudder Assembly Avl RFQ
011-01910-00 Mfd Display Avl RFQ
19004-10-01 Magnetometer Avl RFQ
011-01768-00 Weather Radar R T Avl RFQ
HJ1-12130-303-011 Cabin Pressurisation Unit Avl RFQ
011-01105-40 Integrated Avionics Unit Gia63w Avl RFQ
100564-100-000 Standby Air Data Probe Avl RFQ
011-00868-10 Attitude Heading Ref Unit Ahrs Avl RFQ
HJ1-13010-621-003 Flow Valve Avl RFQ
011-02571-00 Tcas Processor Avl RFQ
HJ1-13601-501-009 Ground Cooling Fan Avl RFQ
10804B01Y02 Fuel Qty Signal Conditioner Avl RFQ
HJ1-12921-201-003 Hydraulic Dump Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12921-101-001 Hyd Accumulator Avl RFQ
40001-01-02 Standby Display Avl RFQ
HJ1-12731-530-001 Left Elevator Trim Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12711-801-016 Right Aileorn Trim Actuator Avl RFQ
903-1341 Hand Microphone Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-402-004 Right Outboard Bladder Tank Avl RFQ
01-0790497-02 Taxi Light Avl RFQ
011-02537-00 Altimeter Avl RFQ
011-01430-20 Flight Control Panel Avl RFQ
90006366 Hondajet Brake Avl RFQ
HJ1-12151-210-007 Cockpit Evaporator Assembly Avl RFQ
011-01457-00 Data Concentrator Unit Avl RFQ
0050N1 Stick Shaker Actuator Avl RFQ
RG390ES Main Battery Lead Acid Charged Avl RFQ
HJ1-12620-100-003 Fire Extinguisher Avl RFQ
HJ1-13602-510-003 Heat Exchanger Assembly Avl RFQ
5960-00-3 Shutoff Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13605-402-003 Temp Sensor Avl RFQ
011-01997-00 Transponder Avl RFQ
0871ND4-1 Ice Detector Avl RFQ
HJ1-12761-101-011 Speed Brke Actuator Avl RFQ
013-00244-00 Antenna Gps Waas Avl RFQ
HJ1-12731-530-002 Right Elevator Trim Actuator Avl RFQ
011-01924-10 Touchscreen Controller Avl RFQ
HJ1-12121-225-005 Cockpit Panel Gaser Avl RFQ
CG302A12 Generator Control Unit Avl RFQ
M19301 Tyre Nose Avl RFQ
HJ1-12460-102-025 Right Power Distribuiton Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13602-078-003 Air Valve Temp Sensor Avl RFQ
P01202-101 Life Vest Single Cell Avl RFQ
HJ1-12820-205-001 Transfer Pump Avl RFQ
01-0771234-03 Current Source Flasher Avl RFQ
117-00254-01 Weather Radar Antenna Avl RFQ
HJ1-13300-101-011 Lighting Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13243-201-005 Brake Master Cylinder Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-110-009 Elt Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13010-522-007 Energy Storage Bank Avl RFQ
HJ1-12701-225-010 Right Pilot Yoke Control Avl RFQ
HJ1-12701-225-009 Left Pilot Yoke Control Avl RFQ
HJ1-13230-102-005 Landing Gear Control Lever Avl RFQ
S1851501-01 Elt Af Integra Er Kannad Avl RFQ
HJ1-12130-310-003 Secondary Outflow Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12436-101-013 Generator Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13602-701-007 Right Pre Cooler Avl RFQ
01-0790485-01 Left Taxi Light Avl RFQ
90006367 Hondajet Nose Wheel Tyre Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-112-013 Aft Center Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13601-701-003 Shut Off Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13603-621-001 Pressure Valve Avl RFQ
01-0771375-00 Taxi Flasher Avl RFQ
011-01346-00 Directional Antenna Avl RFQ
HJ1-13233-001-001 Flow Control Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13210-100-016 Left Brace Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13220-100-017 Nlg Side Brace Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12721-501-015 Rudder Trim Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12750-810-009 Flap Actuator Avl RFQ
011-00831-00 Gea 71 Engine Interface Unit Avl RFQ
011-00960-20 Trim Sync Adaptor Avl RFQ
HJ1-13500-150-011 Hondajet Oxygen Bottle Avl RFQ
FX03400-1 Fire Extinguisher Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-141-003 Vent Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-164-003 Float Operated Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13604-601-005 Air Valve Controller Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-402-003 Left Outboard Bladder Tank Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-103-007 Warning Fire Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13604-301-001 Check Valve Avl RFQ
DK120-90 Elt Transmitter 90 Day Avl RFQ
HJ1-12461-102-009 Right Circuit Breaker Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13220-000-013 Dressed Nose Gear Avl RFQ
1605-01-00 Cvr Fdr Avl RFQ
HJ1-13510-203-001 Hondajet Oxygen Mask Avl RFQ
HJ1-13040-210-007 Windsheild Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13233-100-020 Left Side Brace Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12130-301-015 Primary Outflow Valve Avl RFQ
M19401 Main Tyre Avl RFQ
HJ1-13010-521-019 De Ice Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-12750-210-005 Cockpit Flap Control Lever Avl RFQ
011-02214-10 Yaw Servo Avl RFQ
HJ1-12911-101-001 Hydraulic Accumulator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12840-101-005 Fuel Qty Signal Conditioner Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-111-009 Engine Start Panel Avl RFQ
2015T0A Air Data Probe Avl RFQ
HJ1-12731-501-016 Right Elevator Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13605-701-003 Anti Ice Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12620-100-001 Hondajet Fire Extinguisher Avl RFQ
HJ1-12155-301-017 Bleed Air Controller Avl RFQ
HJ1-13230-101-003 Landing Gear Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-12731-501-015 Left Elevator Acuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-12820-104-003 Boost Pump Controller Avl RFQ
HJ1-15753-110-028 Right Flap Vane Avl RFQ
HJ1-13234-101-009 Control Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-107-009 Electrical Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13010-611-007 Anti Ice Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13251-111-011 Steering Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13232-100-009 Left Mlg Door Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-104-015 Servo Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13604-701-005 Left Pre Cooler Avl RFQ
HJ1-13100-105-007 Annunciator Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-12840-202-001 Low Level Sensor Avl RFQ
HJ1-13600-001-001 Leak Detection Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-12760-300-011 Rh Speed Brake Assembly Avl RFQ
HJ1-13232-100-010 Right Mlg Door Actuator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13603-654-001 Check Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13210-000-036 Left Main Landing Gear Avl RFQ
HJ1-15753-110-027 Left Flap Vane Avl RFQ
HJ1-13605-401-003 Temp Sensor Avl RFQ
HJ1-13603-611-005 Shutoff Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12461-101-009 Left Circuit Breaker Panel Avl RFQ
HJ1-13241-101-001 Anti Skid Control Unit Avl RFQ
HJ1-13607-701-007 Shut Off Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-12435-101-002 Starter Generator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13601-401-005 Modulator Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13604-701-009 Air Valve Avl RFQ
HJ1-13243-301-011 Hydraulic Volume Compensator Avl RFQ
HJ1-13213-100-009 Left Main Gear Shock Absorber Avl RFQ
HJ1-13210-000-035 Right Main Landing Gear Avl RFQ
HJ1-12810-401-003 Center Bladder Tank Avl RFQ
HJ1-13210-100-015 Right Brace Actuator Avl RFQ

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